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Q3. But what about vehicle access?

We are proposing to re-open the south avenue access through the lodge entrance for hotel guests, leisure and spa users. This will limit the amount of hotel traffic traveling through Thulston and Elvaston villages. Leisure and spa users and Church and Cricket visitors would turn left at the Golden Gates to reach the rear of the Castle via the route around the Cricket ground.

An alternative way in and out of the Estate might be via a new entrance to the north of the Estate joining up with Bedford Drive. We will seek local residents' views on the different access options to minimise the impact on how residents and visitors currently enter and enjoy the Estate. Park and gardens visitors will continue to use the existing public entrance on Main Road.

Q4. Will we be able to hold events at the hotel?

The superb hotel facilities will be ideal for weddings, small business meetings and large events and conferences. You will be able to hire rooms for private functions like birthday parties and charity events and there will also be the opportunity to hold functions in the courtyard areas.

Q5. Is it true that there won't be a café anymore?

It is anticipated that the new café and rest room facilities will be part of the proposed Gardens Visitor Centre, planned to be adjacent to the Walled Gardens. Under the Gardens project, it is proposed to have refreshments and ice creams at the other side of the Estate at a restored Springthorpe Cottage, bringing another derelict building back into public use.

Q6A. Is the golf course being built on the nature reserve?

The golf course has been removed from Highgate Sanctuary's proposal to respond to English Heritage's concerns about the impact on the historic landscape. Instead of the golf clubhouse, the Home Farm complex will be converted for other uses to raise capital to fund the massive level of required repairs to the Estate. We would look at options to extend and link the nature reserve to the river with a new reed bed area as part of the Gardens and Park project. Council ecologists have told us that the existing reed bed system has brought significant benefits to the reserve, but that the ecological impact of one pond and field, on the northern edge of the reserve land, has been disappointing. The net result of these changes could even be an increase in the nature reserve area.

Q6B. What will happen to the land intended for the golf course?

Under our previous proposals, the majority of land intended for use as the golf course was outside the Castle Estate and purchased privately by Highgate Sanctuary. There was and is no proposal to put a car park, a golf club house or driving range on Clover Close. Areas currently in agricultural or grazing use on the Estate would remain in those uses.

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